You are invited to The 2015 Texas State Natural Championships !

We know it’s been kinda confusing this year. We made the change from the WNBF to the Naturally Fit Federation early in the year. We felt that change was a really good move for both our athletes and us. The NFF is growing fast and the people are awesome! But, this spring after the Texas Shredder Classic our websites got badly hacked and were taken down by our hosting company. One computer expert told us that someone had planted a virus in every line of code. Why would anyone do that???

Anyway, we finally got things worked out and we are up and running again. We had the Texas State Naturals scheduled for October 24th and then we found out in early July that Formula One Racing moved their Austin race up to Oct 24th. This shot all hotels in a 50 mile radius up to maximum rates. So, we had to adjust and move our show up to Oct 17th. This was a great deal of work to reschedule things (such as hotel rooms), but we got it done and found a great hotel with the best rates in the area for our athletes.

We have been hosting the Texas State Naturals since 2011. We are very excited to be having our 5th annual show at the Hays ISD Performing Arts Center. It is the best venue we have ever used! The lighting and sound systems are phenomenal! The auditorium is beautiful. There is a tremendous amount of backstage room for our athletes and you won’t have to hunt for parking. We are excited and looking forward to another tremendous show! We hope you will be part of it!!!

Whether you are an athlete or a fan, I invite you to be part of the Texas State Natural Championships. Come join our Shredderbuilt family and have a great time at our show!

Dave “The Texas Shredder” Goodin, Diana Hurley, Blythe Savera & Molly Goodin