2015 Better than ever! Where do we go from here?

We are so proud to be with the Naturally Fit Federation! David Nall has been a personal friend of our for many years. He is one of the most organized and successful businessmen we know, so being together once again working for the good of natural bodybuilding just seems well… natural!  Dave and David were business partners in the Texas Shredder Classic and the South Western Championships until  2008, when being in different organizations became problematic for the leadership of the organization, not for anyone else. The shows were both growing as a result of our partnership. That’s the way we’ve always seen working with other promoters… all boats rise in a high tide and there are plenty of competitors to go around. As a result we always tried to help and encourage other promoters to get better and grow.  It is great to be back with family that has the same ideals and values we do!

So where do our competitors go from here? The NFF is growing and you can find the schedule at www.naturallyfit.com/schedulenaturallyfitfederation/  the Pro Card winners at the Texas State Naturals will be eligible to compete in the DFAC World Championships in Miami Oct 31, 2015!







Miami is just the beginning! You are eligible to compete in any pro show without restriction with the NFF.  So you are free to build your brand the way you wish, compete when you want, where you want, and earn as much as you can as a Drug Free Pro athlete!

Let’s face it most of us know that we won’t retire, get rich or likely even make a living out of our fitness careers, but it would be great to appear in a magazine  or gain some publicity… we bring you exceptional coverage that you just can’t get anywhere else! Naturally Fit Magazine covers all of the organization’s shows. In recent years our shows have appeared in Iron Man magazine, RXMuscle.com and MuscularDevelopmen.com just to name a few.

So what makes the Shredderbult productions different from other shows?  First of all, we consider you family when you compete in our shows…. you’re not just a number!  We genuinely care about natural athletes, their journey to stage, the experience back stage and the celebration of the accomplishment of every athlete that crosses the stage. We believe in communication. We will make sure you are informed about everything so you feel as comfortable as possible when you arrive to check-in and throughout the entire show. It should be FUN and relaxing!  We have supplies, services and the best staff in the business to make you feel like the star of the show! We try to think of everything from having plenty of mirrors,  fruit  and water back stage to simple things like first aide kits, emergency suit repair kits & extra hair spray!

It is our goal that from the time your register to Sunday after we have Church service at the hotel that you feel like the Shredderbuilt shows are the Gold Standard for Fitness Events. It has been our honor to produce shows for 19 years  with the Texas Shredder Classic and we are proud to say this is our fifth anniversary of the Naturals. We still love our athletes just as much now as we did day one!

So here’s to another amazing year!  We are so thrilled you are a part of the Shredderbuilt family!


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