Super Important Announcements!!!…

Number One…The Texas State Naturals which was originally scheduled for November 1st has been moved a week earlier to October 25th. We were forced to do this because Formula 1 Racing changed their Austin date. Our hotel rooms went from $99/nite to $299/nite (who can afford that???). After a couple weeks of frantically searching we have found an incredible venue! The Texas State Naturals will be held at the Hays CISD Performing Arts Center 979 Kohler's Crossing Rd. Kyle, Texas.

Number Two…With our move to the INBF the drug-free requirements are much more stringent, and EVERYONE has to be polygraph tested. If you're coming from out of the Austin area you need to plan to have Friday off from your job. You may be scheduled for an early polygraph. We can't possibly test everybody on Friday evening! People who enter early will get the best choices for polygraph scheduling. Be sure to carefully read the banned substance list on the entry form be vigilant about supplements READ LABLES!

Number Three …The Texas State Naturals is a Super Pro Qualifier for the WNBF Pro division. This means that all class winners in the Open divisions will receive WNBF Pro cards!!! Pro cards winner will be eligible for the WORLD Championships in BOSTON November 15th!!!

Why WNBF/INBF and what does this mean to me??

That’s a great question! There have been lots of questions surrounding our switching to the WNBF/INBF. We want to address all your questions, but first we want to Thank You from the bottom of our hearts for being the most loyal friends, family and bodybuilding fans/supporters in the world! We are very proud of the Shredderbuilt family and as you know once you've been to a show, competed with us or volunteered we consider you family! The Texas State Naturals and the Texas Shredder Classic have become the World’s largest Natural bodybuilding shows because of you the fans, athletes and supporters and for that we are eternally grateful! This has been a very challenging spring. We did not know it at the time of the Shredder but both Dave and I were battling pneumonia at the show. Just after it was over it took us don hard and it has been a long time recovering. Then with the announcement and getting everything in order it was like a tornado of great things happening. Then we were just about back on our feet when my father passed away.  My Father was an eternal optimist and was always one to tell me to get back on the horse and look for great things.  I couldn't think of anything better than this. A chance to bring natural fitness and bodybuilding opportunities to more people!
Did Dave Goodin really retire from Professional Bodybuilding? Dave announced at the Texas Shredder April 11th that he is retiring from competing. He is extremely proud to be an IFBB pro but because of some injuries that have been not healing as he would like he has decided to retire from competing. He will still be guest posing and promoting the Texas Shredder Classic and the Texas State Naturals as well as being a major leader in the WNBF/ INBF.
So why did we leave? Our decision to leave the NPC is not one that we took lightly. We loved being a part of the organization. We have great friends and people we consider family in the NPC. This was in no way anything against the organization. Our decision was based on two reasons: 1. Something that had been nagging Dave for a very long time and 2. It was the right thing to do for natural athletes. We have always kept athletes first in our decision making! So the first part of the decision… As a lifetime drug free athlete, Dave wasn’t competitive as a professional bodybuilder in the IFBB. That is not meant to be a controversial statement at all, it is simple a fact. He was very torn when other lifetime, very committed, natural athletes were following in his footsteps. He felt like he was leading them to a dead-end, or at least a place where there weren’t a lot of opportunities for them as a Pro… or even a lot of opportunities as amateurs to compete in high level Natural shows. This has been tearing at his heart for a very long time and he felt that in good conscience he could no longer stand proud and continue to lead natural athletes to a dead end. Dave would prefer that his bodybuilding legacy be the opportunities that he created for drug free athletes to compete on the professional level through the WNBF. Two, while we enjoyed great success with the organization it was an internal struggle that continued to tear at our hearts. We are a natural organization and there is only one National level drug tested show for our athletes to compete in. That is just not enough opportunity. We talked about this for a very long time. Then came the final conversation…. What is the best thing for our athletes? We knew in our hearts we had no choice, regardless of anything else, our own success, our growth… we had to offer more opportunities for our natural athletes to compete. So the decision was made! Once made, it felt right all the way to our core. We were sad because we love the NPC & IFBB, they have been our family and friends. Doing the right thing for our athletes has always been the first thing we keep in mind, so again we knew we were doing the right thing. So we were ready to go with another organization, and literally hours before signing on the dotted line… we got a call from a longtime friend, Bob Bell who said, “We have news!” We said, “So do we!” Bob replied, “I want to go first”… and he asked us to join them in the leadership of the WNBF/INBF! That’s when we knew God had a plan for us! We had no idea that this opportunity even existed and they had no idea that we were even contemplating leaving the NPC. They were calling literally on the off-chance they could talk us into it, but never really thought it was possible!

So what does this mean to you as part of the Shreddderbuilt family? We know since the announcement many competitors have been asking what this means to me? Bottom line… More opportunities to compete in more Natural shows! Our goal is to have 12 – 15 natural shows for you to compete in here in Texas alone. It will take us some time to build up those shows but that is the goal (we already have commitments for 10 shows in 2015). There are shows all over the country right now. You can find the information at this link INBF Competition Schedule
You can still compete in NPC contests or any other organization you choose. In fact, we encourage you to compete as often and as much as you like! There are absolutely no restrictions about competing in only one organization. That is perfectly silly in our opinion. As an athlete you should be able to compete whenever, wherever you and your coach feel is right for you. You should have as much opportunity to show case & celebrate your accomplishments as possible! That’s what we are here for to help and support you in doing just that! We are just going to offer more opportunities for you to be able to compete naturally on drug tested stages! That’s all!

If anyone tells you that it will hurt your placing’s if you compete in another federation…. that is illegal. As an amateur athlete it is illegal for any federation to restrict amateur athletes. We would never do that, in fact we encourage you to compete as often as you like, where ever and whenever you wish! That’s the beauty of this sport. It’s available to everyone and should be about celebrating the athlete, not about breaking entry records or restricting athletes!

For Pro’s, what does this mean for you? As a WNBF Pro you are allowed to compete in other federations as well! We are still about being inclusive even as a pro! At the Pro ranks we are about offering LARGE payouts! So it makes it worth it to compete as a Pro! We know how expensive it can be for the Pro’s and we want to make sure our Pros have the opportunity to make real money! The WNBF World Championships this year are November 15th in Boston. There is over $40,000 in prize money available, and that is just the beginning!!! We allow pro’s from other drug free organizations to cross over in to the WNBF (providing they meet our drug-free requirements from a recognized drug free organization). We are about embracing our natural athletes not excluding natural athletes!

What does Super Pro Qualifier mean? In the INBF there are two kinds of shows Pro Qualifiers and Super Pro Qualifiers. Pro Qualifiers means Pro cards are given to overall Winners of open classes with 5 or ore competitors. Super Pro Qualifiers means Pro cards are given in each open class winners with classes with more than 5 competitors!! Lots of opportunities!!

Where is the World Championships and how do you qualify? The Word Championships is held in Boston November, 15th, 2014. John Hancock Backbay Events Center Boston MA.. There is over $40,000 up for grabs! If you Qualify at the Naturals you have and automatic invite to the Worlds. If you Qualify and The Shredder 2015 or any other show in the year prior to August 31st you would need to compete in at least one other Pro show to qualify for Worlds.

What is the WNBF/INBF drug testing like? The basics are that you must be 7 years drug free, be able to pass a polygraph test- all competitors are polygraph tested, and the winners are urine tested to World Anti-Doping Agency standards. You can find the banned substance list at link Banned Substances. Be very careful about your supplements- READ LABLES!!!

What changes will affect the Shredder and the Naturals? Very little as far as how the shows are run. Shredderbuilt productions will be very much the same. We will miss our NPC family of judges and the expediting team that we have had for a number of years. But, we are putting together a great team that will be running all the WNBF/INBF shows in Texas going forward. From a competitor’s perspective, I doubt you’ll see much change except some improvements to make the show more competitor friendly (more stage time in some divisions), and some simpler sign-up and check-in processes! One thing you find that is different is we are going to cap the number of competitors we are going to allow in our shows so that we can ensure that the shows aren’t too big and that they remain athlete focused! Is all to make sure you have the best show experience you can have!

How can I become a judge or be a part of the expediting team or volunteer for upcoming shows? We are building one of the best, most conscientious teams of dedicated people who really care about Natural Fitness and natural athletes! We would love to have you be a part of the team! Email

I saw the post about promoting a show. We are looking for people who are very committed to natural athletes and are interested in promoting their own shows here in Texas. It is a very big time commitment and does require a financial commitment as well. But we are here to help guide and support you along the way! The most important part is providing great opportunities for our athletes! If you are passionate about this and it has always been a dream of yours, contact us today at We are personally developing the shows in Texas and surrounding states. We can get you in touch with the Development Coordinator for the INBF.

So we hope this answers many of the questions you have about the WNBF/INBF, Shredderbuilt, and your place in it! We also hope you know how much we appreciate you, and appreciate you being a part of the Shredderbuilt Family! It really is an amazing honor to know each and every one of you! It is your stories, smiles and accomplishments that drive us to do what we do. So again, we humbly say THANK YOU! Thank you for coming to the shows for competing in the shows and for helping with the shows!

We are fired up for the INBF Texas State Naturals that will be held at the Hays Performing Arts Center 979 Kohler Crossings, Rd, Kyle Tx 78640 Oct 25, 2014! Put it on your calendar now! Registration and tickets are available now. The 2015 date for the MRI INBF Texas Shredder Classic will be April 18, 2015.


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The raffle will be held at the end of the intermission during the Finals and you must be present to win!

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