Addresses for the Contest Hotel and the Venue:

Hays CISD Performing Arts Center
979 Kohler’s Crossing Road, Kyle, TX 78640


Check in & Drug testing (Polygraph) will be at the Contest Hotel (TBD) in the lobby


General Competitor Questions

How much is the Entry Fee?
$85.00 per division entered

***There are absolutely NO refunds for entry fees, or any other fees paid for through Shredderbuilt, LLC. Should you withdrawal from the competition, entry fees may not be transferred to another competitor or be used to purchase event tickets.


What is the Entry Deadline?
September 28, 2015.
After September 28th, there is a $100.00 late fee.


What are the meetings that I have to be at as a competitor?

  • Drug Testing: check in at the contest hotel – 10 min prior to your assigned drug testing time on Thursday, October 15, 2015 or Friday, October 16, 2015.
  • Athletes Check -In: Saturday, October 17, 2015 Hays Performing Arts Center, 979 Kohler’s Crossing Road, Kyle, TX 78640 – 8:00 AM, fans enter at 8:30 am, show starts at 9:00 sharp
  • Athletes PM Arrival: Saturday, October 17, 2015 Hays Performing Arts Center, 979 Kohler’s Crossing Road, Kyle, TX 78640 – 5:00 PM, fans enter at 5:30 pm.show start at 6:00 sharp!

Please note that there will not be an Athlete’s Meeting on Friday night, weigh-in, height measurements, and check-in for your division will be done when you check in for your drug test. Bodybuilding competitors are the only competitors who will perform a posing routine, please bring your music to your drug testing appointment. Please see below for suit and music requirements.


Do I have to wear my suit/trunks to weigh in? 

  • Bodybuilding: must wear their suits when they weigh in at the drug testing appointment to be checked by the NFF officials. Trunks must be solid color for prejudging- no multicolored suits allowed at prejudging. Only a wedding ring is allowed for jewelry at prejudging. Jewelry may be worn at night show- think tasteful.
  • Men’s Physique: Must wear their board shorts at the drug testing check in to be checked by the NFF officials. Men may wear casual shorts or swim suits but they still must be worn tastefully and at or above the hip level.
  • Fitness, Fit Body, Figure, and Bikini: Must wear the bottoms of their suits to be checked by NFF Officials.  The bottom of the suit should be in good taste – not too low in front and covering about respectable amount of the gluteus area this is a family show (bring a second suit with a more modest bottom, just in case).  Thong suits or T backs are not allowed.Competitors must wear high heels in the swimwear round and athletic shoes in the fitness routine. Jewelry may be worn (think tasteful).

You should bring a second suit in case there are questions about a suit style or some other mishap occurs, whether for bodybuilding, physique, fitness, figure, or bikini. Emphasis is on “tasteful”. There are also a variety of different products to temporarily glue your suit to your body. Please bring Bikini Bite or other temporary glue with you to ensure your suit fits well.


How long does my posing music need to be?
Open bodybuilding up to 90 seconds. Novice bodybuilding and age-group bodybuilding, up to 60 seconds. Fitness up to 2 minutes. If you are entered in Open division and Age Group you will be allowed to do a 90 second routine. You will do your posing routine in the first division that you come up in at the night show.

When do I turn in my music?
You will turn in your music at the drug testing check in on Thursday October 15th or Friday October 16th.

  • Music Quality & Responsibilities Your music MUST be the only thing on the CD that you turn in. Purchased/ prerecorded CD’s will not be accepted. Do not ask to use the 2nd song 10 seconds in, for example. You will either get house music or whatever comes up on the disc first. We recommend that you test the disc to be sure that is plays on a standard CD player & it is always a good idea to have a backup just in case. Each competitor is responsible for picking up their music on the critique table, if there is one, or back stage if there is not, after the night show. The lyrics must not contain any racial, vulgar, or sexual connotations. You are responsible for any unacceptable lyrics and will be disqualified by the NFF officials. You only need to have music if you are a bodybuilder, all other divisions music will be provided for you.


What are the weight groups for Men’s Open & Novice Bodybuilding?
Lightweight <165

Middleweight 165-189

Heavyweight >189


What are the poses that I will be judged on?
See the Website for detail http://www.naturallyfit.com/rules-naturally-fit-federation/

Will pump up equipment be available?
Yes, the pump up equipment will be provided by Plum Fitness & Shredderbuilt. We will also have a variety of bands for you to use. Keep in mind there will be a very large show so it is always a good idea of you bring your own bands etc. Please make sure your name is clearly marked on your equipment.


Can we bring food or alcohol back stage?
NO ALCOHOL is allowed on the premises. If you appear to have been drinking or are intoxicated, at the discretion of the NFF officials, you may be disqualified & asked to leave the venue. Competitors may bring food & beverages into the dressing rooms and prep area but please clean up after yourself & be respectful of others.


Drug Testing Questions


All athletes must be drug tested to go on stage- NO exceptions!


Where do I go for my check-in/drug-test appointment?
Drug testing will be held at the contest hotel (TBD)
A table will be set up in the lobby


Do I have to pay for the drug testing?
Yes your polygraph test is not included with your registration fee. You must pay $50 in cash directly to the examiner at the time of your polygraph test.


What substances are banned in this show?
Here is the link to the Banned Substance list on the NFF website



What if I am prescribed a medication that is on the banned substance list? 
Certain prescribed medications on the banned substance list that are not taken for bodybuilding purposes may qualify for exemption. Any questions or approval requests must be submitted 30 days before the event date. All requests will be evaluated and may require additional items such as pre-event urine and polygraph test, blood work, and or doctor documentation at the cost of the athlete. No documentation will be accepted at the event testing without a pre-approval. The presence of any banned substance in the urine, no matter how it arrived there is ruled as a positive (failure) if used for bodybuilding purposes.


For more information: www.naturallyfit.com/about-naturally-fit-federation/


I took a polygraph test earlier this year for another NFF show, can those results be used for this show?
Polygraph test results from NFF shows are good for 90 days. If you took a test for the Poseidon Classic or Alamo Showdown you will not need to take a new test. Earlier 2015 NFF shows fall outside of the 90 day timeframe and those test results are no longer valid.


I have done some recreational drugs a couple years ago, will that disqualify me from competition?
No. The drug testing is designed to identify performance enhancing substances.



Ticket/Venue Questions


Will I be able to use my credit card to buy tickets at the door?

Yes, we will accept cash and credit cards at the door; however prices do go up the day of the show so pre-ordering your tickets will be cheaper and guarantee your seat. We are expecting a very big turnout and do expect to sell out.


If needed, could I get a refund for my tickets?
We are sorry but there are absolutely no refunds for tickets. 

Can I upgrade my tickets?
Yes, as long as we have the availability. Please contact blythe@shredderbuilt.com for information.

Are Group Tickets available?
Yes, Group tickets are groups of 6 or more in VIP or 10 or more in General Admission. You receive 10% discount and they must be purchased at one time with one credit card. Please contact Blythe@shredderbuilt.com for group ticket information.

Do you offer a Military discount?
Yes, we offer a 10% discount for Active Duty & Retired Military, as well as dependents. ID is required at the time of purchase. Only 1 discounted ticket per ID. Please contact Blythe@shredderbuilt.com for group ticket information.


Are children’s tickets free/discounted? 
Our general rule is, if they are 5 years old or younger and will sit in your lap you do not need to purchase a ticket for that child. You will receive a special wristband for the child designating this. Seating is limited at the venue, for this reason everyone sitting in a seat must purchase a full price ticket.


I have purchased VIP tickets and I want to add to my group, can I do that?  Please contact Blythe@shredderbuilt.com We will make every reasonable effort to accommodate your request if there are seats available. Please let us know if you are willing to release the seats you currently have to increase the size of your larger party and keep everyone together, or if you would like to just add a seat (or seats) as close as possible to your current location.


As an athlete do I get any free tickets, or do I have to buy a ticket to watch the show when I am not on stage?   
There are no tickets included with your registration. You may enjoy the show from any seat in the morning and from the non-reserved seats at the finals.  The only time an athlete needs to purchase a ticket is if they want to sit in the reserved seating with their family in the evening while they are not on stage. NO additional tickets are included with your registration.
*In the event that the venue sells out, competitors may be asked to give up their seats for paying spectators*


Absolutely NO food or drinks will be allowed inside the theater! The venue is very strict on this rule. There will be concessions in the lobby.


Can we bring noise makers, signs, banners etc to cheer on the competitors?
Absolutely! The competitors have worked hard for this… make them feel appreciated!


How long will each show last?

Prejudging starts at 9am sharp and will run until about 1:30 pm

Finals start at 6pm sharp and should finish around 10:30 pm


Is there a schedule/order of events for the pre-judging and finals?

The order of events will be the same for both pre-judging and finals, the order will go as follows:  Fitness, Women’s Bodybuilding Open, Men’s Bodybuilding Open Lightweight, Middleweight, Heavyweight, Women’s Bodybuilding Masters 50+, Men’s Bodybuilding Masters 40+, 50+, 60+, Men’s Bodybuilding Teen, Men’s Bodybuilding Novice, Women’s Physique Open, Women’s Physique Masters 40+, Figure Novice, Figure Open Short, Tall, Figure Masters 40+, 50+, Figure Teen, Men’s Physique Masters 40+, Men’s Physique Teen, Men’s Physique Novice, Men’ Physique Open Short, Tall, Bikini Teen, Bikini Masters 40+, 50+, Bikini Novice Short, Tall, Bikini Open Short, Tall

Is it possible to find out what time each division will be on stage?

Unfortunately we are unable to give specific times for when each division will be on stage since we will not know how long each division will take to judge. Your best bet will be to arrive early, all of our competitors have worked hard and would love your support!


Do we have to stay at the venue the whole time?
No, for prejudging once you have gone on stage you are free to go. For the night show you do not have to stay after you have been on stage unless you win your class and are going to be in the posedown to determine the overall champions! The Head Expeditor will hold your trophy if you win your class until after the overall awards are given out. The winners’ photo is at the end of the night show. All class winners should be present for the photos. If your class is later in the program we recommend that you stay at the venue until after you go on stage morning or night. The schedule is subject to change & you are responsible for being ready when your division is called.


Are personal cameras allowed at the show?
Cameras are allowed. No professional video cameras unless approved by Dave Goodin in writing by emailing to Shredderbuilt@gmail.com


Can I bring my trainer backstage?
Trainers are only allowed backstage with a NFF membership card, tickets to the show, and backstage pass, which can be purchased for $100 online with your registration or at the drug testing check in. Anyone purchasing a backstage pass must have a NFF card and a ticket to enter the show. BACKSTAGE BADGES MUST BE DISPLAYED AT ALL TIMES! Any person backstage without a backstage pass may be asked to leave the venue permanently and the associated athlete may be disqualified from the competition.


Can I bring my own spray tanning equipment?
NO spray tanning will be allowed on the venue grounds inside or out.  Touch ups & Oilers will be provided, courtesy of Shredderbuilt, for your convenience.


Can I use Dream Tan?
NO!! Dream Tan and Pro Tan Quick Bronze are absolutely banned from all Shredderbuilt events. The use of these products will result in immediate disqualification.


What time can I schedule a tanning, hair or makeup appointment in the morning before PreJudging?

The Venue will open at 7:00 am for Tanning, Hair, Makeup and Vendors. ABSOLUTELY NO APPOINTMENTS should be scheduled or take place between 7:45 & 8:30 am. The Athletes Mandatory Check-In is at 8:00 am PROMPT!  ALL athletes are absolutely required to check in during that time to check in for the day. Missing that meeting could result in being disqualified. Do not allow appointments to interfere with this check in!  Start much earlier at the hotel, plan for travel time & parking if necessary to & at the venue or start hair & make up after but absolutely no appointments during that meeting!